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Over the past 15 years, having worked shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the greatest companies around the globe, we have come to understand the specific impact a well-crafted story can have for an organization. Our unique expertise lies in understanding exactly how to integrate the power of Story with the realities of business today.

Corporate / Business Storytelling

Strategic Storytelling, as we practice it, is communication that runs deeper than mere information. Story taps spirit, emotion and imagination to connect one person to another in a way that means something to both. Thus it enables people to come together effectively for a shared purpose, working towards a collective vision of the future that they feel committed to and empowered to make real.

Strategic Storytelling can transform customers into passionate advocates, and employees into wonder-workers. It can take diverse resources and ideas and align them all into a single coherent effort stretching over decades to a common goal. Story can take a good product and make it priceless. It can remove the friction from a complex system and create the kind of ripples that make big waves. Stories, once well and truly told, are viral. Your audience joins you in the telling. And with that, there’s no stopping you. This is a taste of what your Story can do for you, but only once you’ve uncovered it, started to tell it, compelled others to do the same and, most importantly, decided to live it.

Our process may be defined as follows:

Envisioning: Our proprietary process that allows the key stakeholders of an
organization to collectively identify and author the essential Story that will transform promise into reality.

Storytelling: The act of expressing your Story creatively, in a variety of forms (i.e. naming + visual identity, print, multimedia shows, websites and storied environments) engaging a variety of audiences and addressing a variety of strategic needs.

Becoming: Guided by Envisioning and catalyzed by Storytelling, Becoming is how an
organization transforms its stories into truth. It is the proverbial proof – and the profit – in the pudding.

Strategic Brand Storytelling